Kit 8 Intelbras Cameras, DVR Included

Kit 8 Intelbras Cameras, DVR Included

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R$3.999,00 R$3.799,00



Composed of:

01 (one) DVR device, model MHDX 1108, 1000 Series (central up to 8 cameras and recording) with built-in HD, 8 (8) outdoor / indoor cameras * (Model:  VHD 3120 B G4), brand Intelbras!

1000 SERIES -  Model: MHDX 1108 

8 channel digital video recorder

The new Intelbras Multi HD® digital recorders support HDCVI, AHD, HDTVI, IP, and analog protocols. Developed with the quality of Latin America's leading electronic security brand, digital video recorders are the missing solution to make your CCTV project even more complete.

THE MHDX 1108, 1000 Series input product, is ideal for small and medium CCTV projects, having cost-effective image quality. Making it the ideal solution for home, office and small business installations

Records images on the first channel in Composite resolution: 1080p Lite @ 30 FPS (1st Channel) and the other channels in 1080p Lite @ 15 FPS or HD 720p @ 15 FPS resolution.

The balun type accessory (XBP 401 HD)  will enable you to use network cable (UTP type) in CCTV installations analog and HD. It is a passive transceiver equipment that performs the conversion of the coaxial cable signal to UTP, maintaining the quality and integrity of the captured images.

Reach: THE Passive Balun XBP 401 HD enables quality video transmission over long distances, up to 400 meters in color mode and up to 600 meters in black and white mode via CAT5 or higher UTP cable¹.

¹ Connection distance may vary depending on camera type and UTP cable quality


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  • Compatible with 5 technologies: HDCVI + AHD + HDTVI + Analog + IP
  • 1080p viewing
  • Recording all channels in 1080p Lite or 720p
  • VGA, HDMI and BNC video outputs
  • H.265 + Video Compression
  • Compatible with Multi-Box®
  • Onvif Communication Protocol Compatibility
  • Supports 1 up to 12 TB SATA HD »Audio and Video Editing
  • NVR Mode - Transforms all BNC channels to IP
  • BNC + IP Function - Adds IP Cameras to DVR
  • MHDX 1108 is Wi-Fi compatible via USB adapter

More information, download PDF.