You know what it is photovoltaic solar energy? The constant advancement in the use of renewable energies has facilitated the access and the implantation of photovoltaic panels in different types of construction, especially the residences. This type of fundraising, besides being clean and renewable, helps - and much - to reduce the expenses with the electricity bill.

But even though it is already widespread in Brazil, the energy from the sun's radiation still raises some doubts. Want to know more about it? Follow the reading as we will answer the main questions on the topic.


No more questions: know what photovoltaic solar energy is

A energia solar é a conversão direta da irradiação solar em energia elétrica, por meio de equipamentos específicos que são instalados em edificações, como os módulos ou painéis fotovoltaicos, o inversor e o medidor bidirecional (“relógio de luz”). De maneira resumida, funciona da seguinte forma: a radiação emitida pelo Sol é captada pelos módulos, e na sequência, transformada em energia elétrica, sendo equalizada pelo inversor para frequência normal em residências. A partir daí, qualquer equipamento eletro-eletrônico pode utilizá-la normalmente.

There are many attractions in opting for solar power, but there are also some (few) points to consider before opting for the system. Let's meet them all.

Advantages of Solar Energy

Savings on light bill spending

The most attractive advantage of this system, of course, is the reduction in the value of electricity bills. By adopting this method, it is possible to generate all the energy used in the consumption of the property, saving a up to 95% of the amount paid to the local dealership. In addition, one can even have 'extra' credits. After installing the modules, if your property generates more electricity than it consumes, you can use it at other times, such as when there is not enough sunlight for generation, or distribute to other consumer units that are in your name. , like a beach house, for example. Energy credits must be used within 60 months.


It is a renewable energy.

Sun irradiation will always be available, even with variations in the weather. In addition, Brazil is privileged, receiving a huge amount of solar radiation every month. Even in states or days with lower incidence of sun, generation is guaranteed, because the modules are still capturing - many people have the impression that only on very sunny days is the power generation, which is not true.

Therefore, we can count on a natural capture, coming from a free and very efficient source. And unlike other renewable sources, such as nuclear, hydropower, or those from oil and coalNo need to worry about your exhaustion.


Does not pollute or affect the environment

Being renewable and sustainable, solar energy contributes to the maintenance of natural resources and also does not harm the environment. This is because the energy generation is done through a photochemical process, which does not emit any pollutants or elements harmful to health or nature. In addition, the system is completely silent, so it can be installed anywhere, whether in homes or corporations.


Ease of installation and durability

Another major advantage of this system is the ease of installation. Of course you need a skilled company and good products, but photovoltaic modules can be installed in any type of building and in different locations, whether on the roof, on the floor or even floating. So you can adapt them to your space and need and you don't have to worry about the high costs of retrofitting and refurbishing.

inversor ongrid

Inversor On Grid Solução Intelbras

The inverter receives the energy generated by the modules, synchronizes with the utility network and injects this energy into its network supplying equipment and sending surplus to the utility.

Gerador fotovoltaico On Grid, uma solução padrão !

Perfect to help reduce electricity consumption, which can be installed in any region where electricity is supplied by distributors.

Micro Inversores APsystems Tecnologia MLPE

  • Tecnologia MLPE;
  • Maior eficiência na produção de sua energia;
  • Micro-inversor QS1 já vem com 04 MPPTs, uma para cada Módulo Voltaico (PV) ;
  • Gerencie individualmente seus módulos PV, Manutenção mais rápida e eficaz;
  • 1200Watts de potência, por micro inversor, em até 04 módulos;
  • Maior escalabilidade, cresça sem complicações;
  • Maior Segurança, pois sua energia já desce em corrente alternada;
  • Instalação simplificada, até 3 x mais rápida !

Agora à sua disposição na Gamatel !

QS1-Microinversor Apsystems

It is also important to note that a good quality and well installed photovoltaic panel can be used efficiently for about 25 years with little maintenance (just cleaning the panels from six months to one year). Another positive point is that some Brazilian cities already give 10% to 100% discount on the property tax (the so-called “Green Property Tax”) for the taxpayer who builds or renovates their home or business by implementing eco-efficient systems in their work such as power generation.

All of this also turns out to be a value differential if the property needs to be sold or rented - buildings with sustainable solutions can have up to 30% of market value from the initial value.

What do I need to consider before opting for solar energy?

It is worth weighing the cost-benefit and long-term economy. Consider practically 'zeroing out' your electricity bill and even having the possibility of having extra credits. Like this, the investment can be paid back in a few years. And always taking into account the fact that it is a renewable and non-polluting energy.

There are already many ways for you today finance the purchase and installation of your photovoltaic solar power generation system. Some lines of credit were created precisely to increasingly spread the use of clean and renewable energy sources. These arrangements serve both residential and commercial property owners, helping with the initial investment and facilitating the payment of the system.

Instalação Sistema Solar da Gamatel ! 

Capturing solar energy is very worthwhile.

Plan the investment and get rid of the constant increases in the value of electricity.

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